Technological Entrepreneurship    Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Chapter 2:  Who are the Entrepreneurs?

Chapter 3:  How are Opportunities Generated and Recognized

Chapter 4:   Identifying and Protecting Intellectual Property

Chapter 5:   Building a New Venture Team

Chapter 6:   Determining the Feasibility of an Entrepreneurial Idea

Chapter 7:   Business Models - the key step in launching a new venture

Chapter 8:   The Lean Launch Pad and the Business Model Canvas

Chapter 9:    Creating a Business Plan (but remaining flexible)

Chapter 10:  Doing an Industry and Competitor Analysis

Chapter 11:  Fundamentals of Marketing

Chapter 12:  Financing and Funding a New Venture

Chapter 13:  Determining the Legal Structures for a New Business

Chapter 14:  Evaluating the Financial Position and Challenges of a New Venture.