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UMass Pledges $130 Million in Financial Aid to Students; Boston Herald , Feb 14, 2011.

UMass Research Funding Reaches Record; Boston Globe, Feb. 10, 2011.

UMass Research Funding Breaks $500 Million; BostonBusJrnl;  Feb. 9, 2011.

UMass Sets New Research Spending Record: MassHighTech; Feb. 7 2011.

UMass Ranks Eight Among U.S. Universities for Tech IncomeMassHighTech; . 20, 2010. 


OP-EDS- Opinion and Editorials

The Boston Herald:  Top of the class within reach; October 15, 2005; By Blenda Wilson and Jack M. Wilson; President Wilson and Blenda Wilson, CEO and President of the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, co-chair the Great Schools Campaign’s Higher Education Task Force on K-12 Math and Science.

The Republican:  State could become math, science mecca;" October 16, 2005; By Blenda Wilson and Jack Wilson; Math and science achievement must be improved in our public schools to keep America competitive with the rest of the world.

The Boston Globe: "Beyond stem cells;" By Jack M. Wilson; January 29, 2005; The World is rushing toward a new era in biotechnology, and Massachusetts is among the leaders -- for the moment. Can we keep that leadership? While stem cell research has become the poster child for biotechnology, there is much other research on the horizon with exciting potential.

The Springfield Republican; Research, innovation can generate prosperity   ; (Sunday, 8/01/2004, ); by Jack M. Wilson

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